Ed80 Thruster

Ed80 Thruster

Power Supply 380V 50HZ or Customised
Model Ed80
Clamp Force 800N

Ed80 Thruster

Ed80 Thruster is a compact drive control device that set of motors, centrifugal pumps, cylinder as one. It is widely used as drive apparatus of a variety of drum brakes and disc brakes, but also applied to drive control of various industrial valves, gates, direction swing and rotation.

Main Feature:

1. It has aluminum case sealed single putter structure, which has advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, fully functional, excellent performance, complete varieties and specifications.

2. Motor is in non-oil immersed structure and F grade insulation. Heat resistance and long lifetime.

3. All transmission parts are in double seal structure and have reliable sealing.

Technical Parameters



1. One Year Warranty;

2. 24-hours Online Service;

3. Free Training for Operators;

4. Lifelong Free Consulting Service.