YW Series Drum Brake

YW Series Drum Brake

Power Supply 380V 50HZ or Customised
Model YW
Brake Torque 80-10000Nm

YW Series Drum Brake

YW Series Drum Brake keeps close in normal operation. Once gets power, it will open for operator to adjust or maintenance device. Its function is to reduce speed and then keep rotation device in static condition. It is widely used in metallurgy, hoisting, mining, port and construction industry.

Main Feature:

1. Safe performance, Brake smoothly and High frequency movement;

2. It has self-lubricated bearing in move joints and has high transmission efficiency;

3. Long lifetime and performance well;

4. Use insert method between brake lining and brake shoes, It is more safe and easy to change brake lining.  

Technical Parameters


1. One Year Warranty;

2. 24-hours Online Service;

3. Free Training for Operators;

4. Lifelong Free Consulting Service.