High quality SBD-A Brake

SBD-A Brake mainly used in large and medium sized crane

Power Supply 380V 50HZ or Customised
Model SBD-A
Clamp Force 100-250KN

High Quality SBD-A Brake

SBD-A hydraulic safety brake can be widely used in large and medium-sized crane, port loading and unloading machinery lifting and boom luffing mechanism low speed shaft emergency safety brake. Mine hoist, lifting and high power angle type belt working brake and emergency safety brake. 

Main Feature:

1. Keep close condition normally, safe and reliable;

2. Flexible and brake time is short;

3. Equipped with open limit switch and brake lining wear limit switch;

4. Non-asbestos brake lining has stable friction coefficient, no damage to brake disc;

5. Reasonable structure design and famous imported brand seal;

Technical Parameters


1. One Year Warranty;

2. 24-hours Online Service;

3. Free Training for Operators;

4. Lifelong Free Consulting Service.